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This Weeks Episode

Stephenie Hamen

In the last episode this season, I meet Stephenie Hamen.

She does crafts and helps teach people how to do them. But when it comes to her personal artwork she likes to paint and make things that are more abstract.

Listen to this weeks episode:

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A post shared by Stephenie Hamen - Artist (@stephenie_hamen) on Oct 6, 2017 at 10:31am PDT Find out more about Stephenie (under redesign)

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Got distracted.

They were actually there to see "The Disaster Artist" and not "Star Wars".


I had just woke up and not really sure what was going on. And truthfully this isn't that out of the ordinary for her to do from past interactions we've had.


I really do dig hearing about when she does stuff like that.

Hell yeah.

I think I finally got the right combination of the light and exposure times for the screen. I was starting to feel like I was just incompetent at it.

Music travel.

The album was "Frank's Wild Years" by Tom Waits in case you were curious.


It's not a bad smell it just lasts for about a week.


Truthfully, just him remembering that at all was surprising in itself. We already ordered a new one.

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