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The Artistry Studio & Mississippi Mayhem: Art, Trains and Online Carts - S05E01

In this season of the podcast, I decided to try and start my own business. It's going to be a multimedia podcast studio and retail space.

And I'm doing it in an old 1930's train car!

One of the things I need to figure out is what I'm going to sell and what online shopping cart I want to use. So I meet with two artists here in Madison, WI to talk about the different cart options out there and ask why they are in the process of leaving Etsy?

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Kaylin Deackman, The Artistry Studio -

Heather Leanne, Mississippi Mayhem - Instagram @heatherleanne

Music for the podcast by Lorenzo's Music

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The obsession dies down eventually after the first couple of days.
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Coffee thief.

I ordered it to go and someone walked in and swiped it? I've never had that happen before.

It's a saturday.

We actually did have a really good brainstorming session though.

Animated Series!

Animated Series