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S03 Episode 7: American Trash, Graphic Design

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I found American Trash while looking at stories located in the Madison area on Instagram. I liked the style. It reminded me of the type of skateboard art that has always appealed to me. I sent him a message and we ended up meeting each other at the Johnson Public House.

American Trash on Instagram -

And in the opening pop up interview this week - I meet Finn who makes soy-based candles.

And don't forget to check out: "Rom-Comm Mixtape" the new release by my band Lorenzo's Music

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Article pic.

When I was a kid we always drew KISS makeup on the people in the newspaper. Just keeping the tradition alive. (Or alive II if you're a KISS fan). You can check out the actual article here - Cap Time Article


I think my response was just "Well done!" And you can check out my band's mixtape at

Second pop-up.

It seems normal to get irritable if you're nervous, but it's definitely not what you want when you're about to have conversations with dozens of people.

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Stories from people that own or operate art galleries and shops.

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The Facebook/artist interview experiment.

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