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John Porcellino: Creator of the King-Cat minicomics - American Bandito Podcast S05E06

I mentioned in a previous episode of the show I had participated in an annual zine fest in Madison called Print & Resist. One of the people showcasing his work at the event was John Porcellino, creator of the popular mini-comic zine King Kat.

I went up to his table to introduce myself and I blurted out that I had this podcast and I would love to talk with him. We exchanged information and he was nice enough to talk with me a few weeks later on facebook messenger.

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Also, Here is the picture we talk about on the show from the zine fest that John posted on Instagram where my son Dexter walked in front of him while he was taking it.

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Two year doctor visit.

I did notice that my feet don't get uncomfortable now when I visit the doctor so that's progress I guess.

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Sometimes I think about doing it when I walk down the street too.