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American Bandito at Hibernation Liberation

On Sunday, April 22nd come talk to me at the Hibernation Liberation indie art show!

Tami from Bohemian Bauble called my bluff and invited me to participate in an event. So I thought to myself... Challenge excepted!

She set me up with a booth and I decided that I am going to have people come up and say hello and I will record it for the podcast.

Plus, if you have seen my daily comic blog, I took the first 3 months and collected them as a handmade mini-comic so you can read about how all this began in the spring of last year. I also made some upcycled shirts with the American Bandito logo on them.

But really, the most important thing is just to stop by and say hi!

For more info about the show and what artists will be there visit the Facebook event page:

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