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Living room scent.

It's a smell that I could never explain. My friend used to say it was potpourri but it didn't smell the same to me. And why was I smelling it in the middle of a fair?


I'm almost positive the guy that said the nipple thing said it so people would hear him.


And why was she rolling it through a parking lot? I should have just asked. And my book I'm talking about on Amazon is here

Look it up.

That classic realization when I think to myself "If only there was a device or something where I could just look up the answer".

That person.

I wasn't sure why I would have known her.

Not quiet, thinking.

The conversation we had after that helped me think through the problem I was having.

Just checking.

I don't know, I just always think I need one.

The Grind.

I have no idea what I do to my bike but I always seem to bust it up.

S03 Episode 1: Kelly Sauvage Angel, Writer

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Kelly is a writer who contacted me through the American Bandito Facebook page. She's written a book called "Om Namah..." available on Amazon. As she explains it's a story of healing from betrayal, discovering spiritual discernment, and the best ribs on the east side of Madison. We talk about the book while walking around the Atwood neighborhood in the fall of last year.

Plus, a segment from a series of pop-up interviews I did at the Hibernation Liberation event.

You can buy the book Om Namah... for Kindle or paperback here.

Doin' stuff.

I wasn't sure what things I wanted to write about today. So I just mentioned them all.

Cut off.

One time I thought about it like this. If a person just stepped in front of me accidentally while walking I wouldn't start screaming at them and flip them off. I would just say excuse me and move on. Also, once we got to work it would have been super awkward.


I figured they wouldn't be messing around if they said you can't be late. Not that I would have been on time if it were me either.


Later I went by and it said they were closed for the 4th of July which was pretty convenient.


It was a song called "CB Spy Love" about a person who falls in love with someone over a CB radio. And he was so into it and I thought it was so silly. Which just made him like it more. I really liked that guy.

Sad Movie.

It was really fascinating how it was so kind-hearted it made you want to cry. How does that work?


Technically since it's a litho print it's not backward which makes it backward because when you print it that will make it print backward. You see why this mistake can easily happen now right?

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