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It was almost comical. Or maybe it is because I put it in my comic.


Turns out I was right. They found the kid.

A nice email.

It's so touching that we were able to help someone, even if it was just a little bit, as they go through a difficult time.

MailChimp landing pages.

Glad we found that out. I was going to give him access to my account at first. Good thing I didn't.


If I couldn't keep the people that wanted to be involved focused, how was I going to build this? I needed to write out exactly what it is I wanted to do.


The place was crowded and I didn't leave something at the table. So I couldn't really get upset.

You help?

The building she was looking for was the only other one on the street. When I pointed she didn't seem to understand what I was pointing at for some reason?


That was nice of him.


Afterwards, I can never explain what we just did. But it makes sense when we did it.

Vote sticker.

He just kept looking at me when I didn't take one?

Pilot light.

We called her brother-in-law to do it. I wasn't touching that thing.

Brush pen.

It's silly but it seemed like I drew differently when I used it.

Judd Apatow.

It looked like he was walking up to peoples houses on the street. Not sure why.

Missed it.

I was actually kinda bummed we forgot too.


I didn't want to sit down at a table since I couldn't order anything. Then I realized that was dumb.

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