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Check Out My Graphic Novel!


The requirements to upload video to Amazon are pretty thorough. I have to add closed captioning for them too which also takes up a big chunk of time.


We ain't buying some silly snowman sweater for work.


The panda suit really confused me though.


I have a tiny little car. The back of her car is just so far back!


I was happy I could suggest it to him.

Going in hot.

When the person on the phone helped me I was still responding loudly. I wasn't supposed to be done getting angry so soon.

Old film short.

Feeling much more functional after my cold relapse yesterday. You can see the 'Desk jumpin'!' video I'm talking about on my YouTube channel.
I was also much larger back then it seems when I look at it.


I thought I was getting better yesterday.

Pop up conversations.

I give away a lot of stickers at the event too. I'm always curious who remembers me afterward.

Phone postcards.

It's really interesting how much I use my phone to create things these days.

Here is a collage of the different phone postcard drawings I made.

Bird knowledge.

This is a good example for when people ask if my Amazon Echo is useful.

Turning left.

I didn't really think about that until I got there.

Early Christmas.

It just couldn't stay running for a few more weeks could it!

Darn kids.

During the winter I become a huge germaphobe and it's the only environment I don't have any control over. I just picture them touching everything.

Stuff to do.

It's not a bad thing, I just get so impatient when there is stuff I want to get set up. And building websites takes so freaking long. You can check out the page I made for the book at

Used bookstore.

I even remember the book. It was called Body & Soul by Frank Conroy.


It was fine.

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