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Animated Series!

Animated Series

Reaching out.

It's been about a year but we're looking to play out more.


I actually do get told by people these days I should put something that happened in the comic. But my wife had a good point with this one.


I feel like she should have found that more funny.

Weather math.

Guam does seem like a neat place.

Tech issues.

Usually, when I fix it everything starts feeling normal again.

Used books.

The total of the rest of the books we got was less than that one. It wasn't even in that great of condition.


She said she was doing it because her mom liked it.

Drawing shirt.

It kinda made me laugh a little thinking about how I kept looking at it.
Here is the shirt by the way -


Nothing on there is anything we would ever order.


Oddly enough, I was thinking about Christmas at my grandparent's old house when I was a kid for some reason.


I always confuse it with the 18th for some reason. I even had it as the 18th in my calendar so I'm glad I checked.

Dumb dog.

He also got some doggy painkillers. I think it's funny they have to preface these things with doggy.


Yeah, the envelope only had a logo on it and nothing else really.

S04 Episode 6: Peter Krsko, Public Art and Science!

Peter Krsko had been listening to the podcast and contacted me. And meeting him was a delight! I had checked out some of his stuff on his website and one thing that caught my eye was these large sculptures that he did. They were these giant wooden things sprouting out of the ground. It also said that he discovered a way to use a traditional scanning electron microscope as a focused electron beam lithography instrument, enabling him to create artwork viewable only with a microscope. So needless to say I had some questions about how he makes his artwork. But I learned a lot more about how his mind works too.

Plus, I look at the ad promotions I've been making to sell my artwork and learn that the second time around really is the charm.

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See Peter's work on his website

Music for the show by Lorenzo's Music

Tech issues.

I think I got it fixed. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when the episode comes out.

Careers book.

If I could go back in time and tell that to the person who made the book that would tell me that was crazy. Then they would ask how I got a time machine.


I guess going back and forth doing the same thing every day is good for something sometimes.


I always hear the jumps and stuff when thinking about the song.


He was right, the rent was really reasonable.


What are we new?


And of course, it just happened to be warm enough that I was walking around with my coat open.

S04 Episode 5: Tack Video - You're gonna make it after all.

Spencer Blesi and Rob Griffen are two guys I used to work with at a corporate job. They were in the video department. Spencer even recorded a video for my band Lorenzo's Music. After I left that company I later heard that they also left and started their own video production company, Tack Video.

I met with them at a coffee shop to talk about running their own business.

I also have kind of a revelation while continuing my experiment to create sales for the things I make one piece at a time.

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Tack Video Website -
Music for the show by Lorenzo's Music

Wandering dog.

Too many years of Law & Order episodes I think.


Come on that's comedy gold right there!


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