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I'm not crazy for thinking that was silly right? I just sold the item to someone else.

Local pick up only.

I told you the auction site was overwhelming.


It's just so many moving parts once you get started. Is it odd it feels like gambling?

3 am.

Normally a call like that would be that something is wrong. So I was okay with it being a misdial.


At first, it was actually saying to sign into your authenticator app use your authenticator app. Too secure for its own good.

Call screening.

It turned out the call I blocked was from the intercom system in our building, I've had trouble with that before. When I unlocked it I could make calls again which makes no sense at all.

Phone breathing.

I think he rests his face on it.

Animating my logo to look like it’s being hand-drawn.

Using the free and open-source graphics program Krita. Basically, I wanted to create a logo that looks like it’s being drawn.

I took the American Bandito Logo decided to try it in Krita because they just added animation tools.

Krita is a free and open source graphic software program.

The method I use in the video is:
I create a transparent layer under the logo.I’m gonna create my animation on that transparent layer as a color mask. So I can see what I’m animating I create an automatic selection so the dashed lines will outline the image from the logo. And grow the selection 3px. (Selection > Grow).

On the transparency layer underneath I fill the whole thing with black. Boom! Now it’s hidden.

I use a brush tool to draw the animation. The color needs to be opposite of the fill we did to start showing the areas I’m going to draw. So I use white for the brush.

I’m doing the animation at 12 frames a second and on the twos (every other frame) cuz I like a nice little …


I'm not even really that familiar with how to hook up projectors. Not really a powerpoint presentation type of guy.


She thought they were just little baby bell peppers.

Weather today.

I keep asking and then ignore the answer. Even now I want to say it said 34 and sunny maybe?


I was hoping to do more stuff but I just had to figure out how to fix the video timing or it would bug me.

Skateboard weather.

I was even trying to remember if I still had my skateboard or if we got rid of it when we moved a few years ago.


I kept thinking I must have eaten something weird last night.

Blown engine.

Either way it's gonna sit in his driveway a while.


Also, this is like the millionth time his car has broken in some manner in the past year.

Calorie count.

It's like a quest to find something that's below 200.

Getting coffee.

I mean I assume people say that to her all day at a coffee shop.


The day also got gloomy as it went on.


Which is pretty good. But is it strange I thought it would be more? Although I have many more boxes to go through.

Animated Series!

Animated Series

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