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Sailor Moon.

Normally maybe one or two people respond to what I post. For this, I had like 15 active messages going on my phone at the same time for about five minutes.


We'll see how this goes!

Sore throat.

Doctor was even like "Take a lozange." But it was like fire when I woke up.


I love it, my virtual store has actual looky-loos!

How I've been promoting my new business using Facebook marketplace.

In this video, I'm out at the train car and wanted to talk about a new idea I had about using the space while it's still under construction.

One of the things I've been doing is selling stuff online and while doing that I've kind of been selling things like a promotion I guess I could say. When I sell an item locally on the Facebook marketplace I'm having the person meet me out here at the train car to pick it up. Even though the place is still a shambles, it's still pretty neat to look at!

Like today I'm meeting someone who bought these six stone something-or-other mugs. So they're gonna come out here at the train today. Even though as of right now there is still no power and no air. The people that buy things from me will come out here and I'm gonna go "hey, you want to look at the train car?"

Truthfully, two of them recently were artists so maybe I'll have them on the show? Who knows?

But that's part of my marketing plan while…

Art fair.

I just really like how things have been after starting this whole website and podcast experiment.


Had a nice breakfast before heading back to Madison today.

Vaction sourcing.

And just like when we were in Nashville, people still say to us "where are you from?" How can people tell? We're not even that far from our actual home.


As we walked away, the more I thought about it I couldn't figure out why he was asking that.

Visiting old places.

We just happened to get the chance to look at two places from the 1800's today.

Barn sale.

So I get to find out how well PayPal handles when someone mistakenly sends money to the wrong account tomorrow.

Selling stuff.

I'm giving away my babies!

Making a thing.

I'm still going to wait and give it the "day after test" as I call it to see if I actually like it, then I'll share what it is. But so far I'm pretty psyched about it

Lacey Smith: Artist and Resident Fan - S05E04 American Bandito Podcast

Lacey Smith is someone that I heard about after I met Lauden from American Trash back in August. I had connected with her on Instagram and asked if we could meet at the train car I recently rented out.

Lacey has played a synthesizer in bands, traveled, was a cook, was a farmer, collectively ran a grocery co-op and was the zine coordinator at a bookstore. Her artwork is inspired by nature, the mysterious, the strange, animals, handmade, new places, old things, music, people & posters. And she runs a record label the specializes in special releases of albums by The Residents.

Listen to the episode:

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Show links

Visit Lacey's website -

Secret Records -

The music for this podcast is by Lorenzo's Music - Spotify,Apple Music

Garage sale burp.

Just to be clear it was not subtle.

Thinking in my car.


It's the closest thing to explaining the call she got the other day. And kind of crazy if it's true. And as the day went on we really did run into a lot more people that were pretty high.


There were some little air pockets on them but I'm pretty sure I would have messed them up if I did it.

What's the deal with the train car?

After starting season 5 of the podcast, the one question that everybody seems to be asking me is: What's the deal with the train car?

The funny thing about documenting my life in a cartoon every single day is I was actually able to go back and pinpoint where the whole thing started and the things that lead up to it.

I'll explain how I plan to use this train car to help turn my podcast into an actual creative art business.

In spring 2018 on season 2 of the podcast, I had been talking to artists that owned their own businesses around Madison on the show. After meeting them and seeing how they were doing these inspirational things and helping other people, it made me think if there was something more I could do with my life?

First, it was just the usual passing dream. I started to look at some of the buildings or spaces that I passed by thinking to myself, I could use that as a studio or something.

Then right before season 3 of the podcast started, I began bouncing the ideas I …


It all worked out, but that was strange right?


I still can't figure out what that could have been all about?

Animated Series!

Animated Series