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Credit card.

We looked for a bunch of stuff to shred in it when we got it. I hope my card was the only mistake we made.


After the 7 foot Chewbacca we saw team rocket from Pokemon and some pirates which seemed lame in comparison.


And I just forget to put it back on. It's true!

Step van.

It's been a while since I've driven one of those trucks I forgot how heavy they feel when I stop.

Connect four.

And you have to drag out the word, "diaaaagonally".

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Oct 15, 2019

YouTube Channel Store The American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow is a video series I started where I check out all the pop-culture things that I've collected over the years try to learn a little bit about them and maybe why I wanted them in the first place and learn a little history about the stuff I like.

This episode is gonna be Halloween themed.

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Desk Lamp It's got itself an alarm clock with digital display because... technology. I don't know why but it has a mouth that opens and closes for no reason on the head. And the light switch is a little bat that you move back and forth. This item was made by Touchstone Pictures, at least that's what it says on the bottom.

You can get tons and tons and tons of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff like on everything and some of the over saturation is due to the fact that the rights - and this may come as no surprise…

Art projects.

He's been looking for some project to work on too so it kinda works out.


Super happy to see that the hole under the train car is closer to being done.

Still moving and waiting.

The hole next to my train car has walls now so it seems like it might be on schedule to finish by the end of the month still.

More broken shipments.

I don't like not being in control of the situation. And how to resolve it was not very clear.

This car is stolen.

Regardless it was pretty funny.


Yeah, I must have spit it out.


Code number.

They even called Merijoy later asking if she needed to know the code. But they did fix it eventually.


I gave them a full refund. I just felt bad that they couldn't get the things they wanted now.

Morning sun.

Enjoying the good weather while it lasts.


I totally get that. Still was able to pick up some great stuff.

Living in America.

The song was "Living in America" by James Brown from one of the Rocky movies.

Head squeeze.

It happens enough that I realized this is how I've processed it every time.

Monkey mug.

It turned out that was exactly what it was.

American Bandito Pop-Culture Roadshow for Oct 2, 2019

YouTube Channel Store This another episode in a series of videos that I do where I go and check out things that I've collected over the years. I say a little bit about them and try to learn more about the people who created them. But mostly I love talking about stuff like this!

Beetlejuice metal lunchbox by NECA from 2001. Man, I bought a lot of stuff in 2001.

One thing I've learned about metal lunchboxes, the first one was made in 1935 and it had a Mickey Mouse logo on it. I think it was actually meant for people to go to work.

But officially when Aladdin made their first lunchbox in 1950 they were considered the first company that made children's lunch boxes and the first TV character they had on it was Hopalong Cassidy.
Beetlejuice! Here's an interesting fact, originally Michael Keaton was not supposed to be Beetlejuice. He was not the first pick. Also the same with Catherine O'Hara who play…

Financial guy.

The amount went up, I got that much. So that's good.

Hey, My New Book!

Hey! My New Book