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Montage music.

Thinking back I feel like that show was the first to start doing that to wrap up multiple show storylines and then people began using it all the time.

Video show.

I've done a few on my YouTube channel already. I'm calling it The American Bandito Pop-culture Roadshow. Couldn't think of a better name really.


I need to figure out where I want to start with all the ideas I have.

Snow drive.

I don't know why I always talk myself into going. I think it's a Wisconsin guilt thing maybe?

Ghost voice.

I first thought a ghost was announcing itself to me when I heard that over the speakers. Also, I had been thinking about how I'm trying to do something with the things I create but I really haven't had the capacity to follow through the way that I want. So maybe it's time I really try.


maybe it's just the winter setting that made it feel like that. And the artist was Triangulador who I've been following for a while now.

Last place I look.

It was in a box for a Kermit the frog Christmas ornament which made no sense at all.

Grey pants again.

Seriously, the grey pants thing is real.

First sale overseas.

I've never sent anything bigger than a letter over there. So I can't tell if that price is normal.


I was turning left and started going forward and kinda realized I didn't know if the light was green. Like it was a four-way stop or something.

More delays.

I just want to get in there to set up so I can start using it to record and work on stuff.

It started with grey pants.

Seriously every time I wear the grey pants it happens. And the candle did smell more like leaves than the perfume ones I had found so far thanks to Tammy at Hatch Art House! And the blue lights on the backpack were the kind that when I look at them the color is so blue and bright that it feels like I can't focus my eyes on them. Does that make sense?

Halloween clearance.

I can't decide if I should be sad or happy about that.

Burning leaves.

I suppose I could try just burning actual leaves but that doesn't seem like something I should do for some reason. I miss having a real fireplace.

Hey, My New Book!

Hey! My New Book